Me and myself

"Creative being"


Mirror Series

I can see multiples faces through the mirror.

About Me

Growing up in Madrid, my youth was saturated with creative self expression with a family immersed in the arts, theater, and dance. By the age of 20 I released my first EP as a musician, performing vocals, writing the lyrics, making bass and drums ideas with a band in Spain.  Later, I became interested in dramatic arts, finding my way to Los Angeles, where I currently live.
Delving into the depths of my experience with the world,  art became a form of self expression that helped me understand the nature of who I am.   Life in Los Angeles prioritizes the beauty, the dream, the fantasy, and the quest for the holy grail of perfection.  In mild rebellion, my works emphasize the imperfections, the drama, the mystery, and emotional range of myself as well as that of humanity.   Painting became my own visual poetry following the unmet expectations, failures, passions, emotional sagas, and general chaos of that I call the human experience.  As I went through my own journey, I began to see life itself as a metamorphosis in which the cathartic pain of the chrysalis is not only necessary, but poetic and appealing as a process of purification. My intention is to create with unashamed honesty to share myself in raw humility with my audience.  For the truth of life is indeed beautiful, but it’s no damn fairytale.

It's all about Light.

"Light is everything in a photo, light is the most important thing in a drawing. Is'n it important in your life? We are light."

Kala Carela

Las Vegas


Los Angeles

Palm Trees


Shadows of paint